21 February 2009

The Root of Our Moral Path and Honoring the Divine

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An' It Harm None, Do What Thou Will.
-- The Wiccan Rede

Judge not, lest ye be judged.
-- Matthew 7:1

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
-- The Golden Rule

...and don't do what you hate...
-- The Gospel of Thomas

What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man. This is the law: all the rest is commentary.
-- Talmud, Shabbat 31a

Whatever is disagreeable to yourself do not do unto others.
-- Shayast-na-Shayast 13:29

May I do to others as I would that they should do unto me.
-- Plato

What you would avoid suffering yourself, seek not to impose on ohters.
-- Epictetus

What all these quotes have in common is the basis of the moral code that we live by, no matter what our faith. By examing the teachings of most religions in the world, we see that The Divine has revealed this same truth to all peoples. Can we say that this is not so when the evidence is piled before us in the sacred texts and traditions of the world?

So, we keep this as the root of our moral values that we will respect all others in the same manner that we hope to be respected by others. By following this simmple guidleline in all we do, we will be at peace with the world and The Divine.

The Outline and Free Will

We are children of the Divine and as such, we are part of a Divine plan. This is only a basic outline that we can affect with our free will. For everythingwe do, we affect that outline and alter it's path through our own energy. With this, comes the belief of what we do will come back to us. Keeping this in mind, we should work at ensuring that our lives have a possitive afect on the overall tapestry of life.

Honor, respect, and commune with God, Goddess, and the One.

When we honor the Divine, through rituals, rites, ceremonies, prayers and spells, we should spill no blood, animal nor human. The Divine does not require this of us, for it would be a violation of the basis of our moral code. The time for blood sacrifice is long past and it is no onger needed to honor the Divine.

Following our beliefs, we will not harm oursleves or others, this is the heart of our moral existance and the best way of honoring the Divine who gave us life.
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19 February 2009

Looking for Contributers

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I seem to be running into a brick wall when it comes to coming up with ideas that are outside my area of knowledge when it comes to Christian Paganism. So, I am putting out a call to others who are interested in joining this blog as contributors.

My focus will be on Christian Wicca, as this is what I know the most about. I'll try to throw other Christian Neo-Pagan paths into the mix, but I don't want to misrepresent them.

Here is a list of what I am looking for in a contributor:
- Persons with a background in any branch of Christina Neo-Paganism.
- Persons willing to contribute at least one article a month to the blog.
- Persons that can view other types of Christian Neo-Paganism as equals and not put down practitioners of other forms.

If interested, please contact me via e-mail: baedon AT gmail DOT com. Those interested will receive an e-mail with a few follow up questions before being added to the staff of this blog.

I hope there will be a few of you out there that will be willing to rise to the challenge.

Thank you.

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08 February 2009

Some Basic Concepts

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Here are some basic principles to keep in mind when formulating your path. Remember, you don't need to encompass all these ideas, but this is a good outline of what most who walk the Christian Pagan path believe.

  • The One is the creator of the Universe.

  • Nature (which includes humans and therefore Jesus) is the manifestation of The One in physical form.

  • The Holy Spirit is felt as feminine and the energy of this Spirit is possessed by all.

  • The One is both male and female, yet genderless. Goddess and God are but reflections of The One.

  • Good and evil exist, but these are our interpretations of given situations. The One exists in this Duality and keeps it in check.

  • The One is above the world and in the world; can be found in nature, yet is above nature. We exist as part of The One and The One exists in us.

  • Belief in unseen Spiritual beings that can aid and assist us. These beings appear as appropriate to those who call upon them.

  • Each day is Holy. Certain days are set aside for higher regard and celebration such as: Sabbats, Holidays, Esabats, and other days set aside for worship.

  • Ritual practices are as unique as the individual and can contain a mix and match from all walks of faith, so long as those who are participating are comfortable.

  • Worshiping and praying are not the same thing. Worship is honoring The One through the Goddess and God. Prayer is requesting assistance in some matter.

  • Daily private prayer, meditation, and devotions are encouraged. Sacred Rituals in private or small groups is also desirable. When possible, experiencing the Sabbats and Esabats with a small group or family is preferred.

  • Prayer is magic without the props.

  • Acknowledge that The One has loosely set the pattern for our lives and through our own free will, we can affect this pattern. Use the gift of free will wisely and learn to accept Karma's lessons.

  • Belief that what ever you sow, you reap. If you send out positive energy, you will get it back. The same goes for negative energy.

  • Sacrifices occur naturally as a result of making decisions that are essential for spiritual growth and learning. Giving up something that is physical or mental can help you become more aware of your own spirituality, but it won't bring you closer to The One. Only love can do that.

  • Belief in life after death and that we may return to the mortal world through anther body. We do this to so that we can continue to learn lessons on earth. We can do this as many times as we choose. Then, when satisfied, we judge ourselves according to our understanding of The One, whom we are a part of. Heaven and Hell are of our own making.

These are but concepts and should not be taken as a creed. Most but not all I personally believe in. Remember, it is your walk with The One. No one can tell you what path to take.

(Most if not all these concepts were adapted from an article found on the MSN Christian Craft E-Group. As MSN is abandoning it's E-Group program, any infomation on who I can credit as a source of thise article will be greatly appreciated.)

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