10 December 2007

The Pagan Christ NT based on Egyption Mythology

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nativityThere are 2.1 billion Christians on the planet – roughly one third of the entire human population. At the heart of their religion is the New Testament and the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. To Christianity, the written word is the glue that binds the faith of its followers.

Tom HarpurBased on Tom Harpur’s national bestseller, The Pagan Christ examines these very questions. During his research, Harpur discovered that the New Testament is wholly based on Egyptian mythology, that Jesus Christ never lived, and that – indeed – the text was always meant to be read allegorically. It was the founders of the Church who duped the world into taking a literal approach to the scriptures. And, according to Harpur, this was their fatal error – and the very reason Christianity is struggling today.

So, what if it could be proven that Jesus never existed? What if there was evidence that every word of the New Testament
is based on myth and metaphor?

01 December 2007

A gem to suit your every mood?

The following is a brief listing of gemstones and some applications of such to apply to your mood.

Agate: Apparently relieves tension and anxiety. Use a couple of small ones as worry beads; jiggling them around in the palm of your hand.

Amethyst: Placing one under your pillow helps you to sleep. The remains believe the amethyst prevented drunkenness and used to drink out of goblets studded with these purple gems.

Blood Stone: Said to be a very calming stone when held in the hand, it can also help to regularize the menstrual cycle if you suffer from erratic periods.

Jade: The stone of friendship which, as is claimed, can help you overcome shyness. Drinking water which has jade in it has been said to strengthen your body.

Quartz: If criticism gets you down and you tend to brood, keeping one of these crystals near you is believed to bring you renewed confidence and a fresh prospective. To ease a headache, lie down and place three of these crystals on your forehead on pointing up to the crown and two pointing towards it from the left and the right sides.

Rose Quartz: Said to help depression. Hold a piece in your right hand and think about what is making you depressed, then hold the crystal against your forehead. Breathe into the crystal and imagine that you are expelling all those miserable thoughts.

Tourmaline: One of the most versatile gems. It's a combination of green with pink inside, symbolizes the state of your consciousness and it can apparently reveal new levels of spiritual awareness. If you've been hurt by a love one, this stone's innate joyfulness is told to help heal the pain and suffering.

--Taken from an Article found on Essortment.

For more info on gemstones and their mystical properties, please check out Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, an excellent book on the subject.

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