28 October 2007

Witch School Under Attack

We'll attack the witches because everything in the area is going pear shaped!
clipped from www.upi.com
A "witch school" being advertised in the village of Rossville, Ill., has come under fire from local residents.
"Remember the Salem witch trials?" Marganski said. "That's what is happening here."

The school is based on teaching basic Wiccan beliefs, along with other unusual fare, such as aromatherapy and zombies.

Among the tactics that several locals have taken against the school is a anti-Wiccan billboard that reads "Worship the Creator not Creation."
local youth minister Andy Thomas
"Rossville has fallen on hard times,"
"The (public) school closed. This is a popular place for meth. We're like, 'Great, now a witch school.' It feels like we're being attacked."
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10 October 2007

Woman, Witch, and Goddess in the East

Very interesting read on the subject of witchcraft in the modern Eastern World.
clipped from desicritics.org

This story is both old and new, traditional and modern. The scapegoating, finger-pointing and name-calling of those who are different, those who threaten the social order, those who happen to have a female face. In the past two months, there have been at least two instances of witch lynching in India reported in the mainstream media; I wonder how many more have gone unnoticed. The most recent one was in Bihar. A 60-year old tribal woman was accused by villagers in Bihar of practicing witchcraft and beaten to death by them. Apparently, her ’spells’ couldn’t cure their mindsets.

An article at OneWorld South Asia explains how, unsurprisingly, old, widowed, or otherwise unprotected women are more vulnerable to accusations of witchcraft. It sounds too familiar — those who are not conforming in some way become targets.

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