18 November 2006

World's Last Chance or a Shade of the Past?

World's Last Chance
This is a very interesting and well-meaning website. But, I have to make a few comments about them.

First of all, the group seems to be formed by people who were raised in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and are becoming disillusioned with what it has turned into today. But, they should exercise some caution in their statements. Remembering that according to the Bible, no man knows the Hour of Judgment (Matthew 24: 36-39).

Here is where I think we'll see shades of the Millerite Movement.

(PRWEB) September 4, 2006 -- A Bible study at www.worldslastchance.com has yielded that John Paul II will appear as the next pope. The importance of this startling conclusion is that, if true, it would mean that humanity is closer to the end than many, even of the most daring, have ever imagined. And if the end is coming that soon, the natural question would be: are we ready?

It is based on a study of Revelation, chapter 17. The study explains how we are currently living during the reign of the 7th king of the papacy, Pope Benedict XVI, whose reign has been prophesied in Revelation to be a short one. "The count of the kings started with the Lateran Concordant of 1929," stated Galal Doss founder of World’s Last Chance, "which recognized, for the first time, the pope as absolute monarch over the State of Vatican City. Furthermore," he added "the next pope, the eighth, will be the last, and during his reign the papacy will be transformed back into a persecuting power which she enjoyed up until 1798, when she exercised great political and ecclesiastical power over much of the Christian world. It was a time of ultimate religious intolerance towards all Christians who disagreed with any of the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings." According to the study, the church lost this control in 1798 when Napoleon ordered General Berthier to conquer Rome and declare an end to the temporal power of the papacy. Ever since that event, when Pope Pius VI was banished to Valence in France, the Roman Catholic Church has never regained the position she has had.Again, someone is trying to narrow things down for the "End Times".

Joseph Miller made the same mistake trying to nail God down to a specific time. This has become known as "The Great Disappointment". From this group sprang up several modern religious movements including the Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses and Bahá'í.

Millerite 1843 chartImage via Wikipedia
Miller made the mistake of trying to unravel the mysteries of Prophecy using his purely human intellect, which proved disastrous. For the same reasons I cannot agree with Galal Doss. I am sure we shall see signs amongst us everywhere when the end is near. But, I'm not convinced that our ending will come as John the Elder saw it on Patmos.

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