09 January 2014

You've decided to become an Omnist...Now what?

Coming out of the closet
Coming out of the closet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Modern Omnists are coming out of the closet on a daily basis. Many of these people are coming out on the Internet. They have discovered a path that makes more sense to them than the mainstream or other religion they have been practicing up to that point. Most of the time, you only see one statement from these individuals and then they never say another thing about it.

Why is this?

Several things can be contributing factors.

  • No one takes them seriously.
  • They get told, you really mean you are a Unitarian.
  • They have trouble finding others who are like minded.
The last is probably the biggest reason they never say anything again. There is really no central place to go on the Internet or publications in the bookstores that give more information on what being an Omnist is all about. 

This is a call to all Omnists. We need to organize. We need to band together. We need to let others know that they are not alone. We need to let Valissa & JB over at Omnism.com that we would like to form a community with their website as a hub. Go visit the website, find their e-mail addresses and let them know that you are interested in their site and want to see it become the central hub for the Omnist Movement. 

It is time to make our presence known!

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