12 September 2006

Jesus VS Paul

I have been reading some articles by a man who goes by the name of John, theologica.net, and have really been fascinated by the views of this former minister’s views.
There are two things that I agree with whole heartedly. The first is the idea that the mainstream churches of today are not based at all on the teachings of Jesus but, rather, the teachings of Saul of Tarsus. The second, and probably the most controversial is that of the idea of Jesus being married.
There are very few Christian Organizations that can say they follow the teachings of Jesus. Most churches forget that Jesus taught that one’s life should be filled with service to others. Most agree with Paul who states that works do not save man’s soul, yet we forget hat the Epistle written by James says to the contrary that faith without works is meaningless. Therefore, the majority of Christianity would better be called Paulianity.
As far as Jesus being married, it is my understanding, as well as John’s, that the Jewish people considered unmarried men a disgrace and would never have looked upon one as a rabbi.
These and many more issues are discussed on John’s site, I highly recommend it.